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trail rides

Trail Rides -  We have built several trail rides that are on-site for Jeepers to enjoy during Jeep Jam. The trail rides change each year with at least 1 allowing stock Jeeps. On some of the trails you will be challenged. The trails will either have several volunteers positioned along the trail for guidance or be led by a trail guide. If led by a guide then groups will consist of no more than 10 Jeeps at a time. Trail ride rules must be followed. (Jeep Jam staff reserves the right to remove any Jeep/driver from trail rides who do not have a capable or prepared Jeep for trail rides. This includes the obstacle course.)  Due to weather and changing trail conditions, trails can be closed or reclassified at ANY TIME during the event. There are no refunds due to weather or trail closures/reclassifications.

Trail Ride/Obstacle Course Rules:

  1. Jeep must be and have working 4x4.

  2. Jeep must have front and rear tow points. (Your Jeep will be checked for tow points!)

  3. Jeep must have working seat belts that are worn by all riders.

  4. Driver must be a licensed driver.

  5. Stay on marked course and trails only.

  6. Mud tires are recommended and may be required for certain trails.

  7. Follow guidance from Muddy Buddy staff members and guides.

  8. No recovery straps with metal hooks.

  9. No alcohol or glass bottles of any kind. Impaired drivers will be immediately removed from the event without refund.

  10. Please keep stereos / music at a low volume.

  11. Help keep the property and trails clean and place trash in the provided receptacles.

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