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Very strict rules are in place to make sure that Jeep Jam remains a family friendly event for all to enjoy. The Jeep Jam staff reserves the right to have anyone removed from the event site who does not follow the event rules and guidelines. Clinton County Sheriffs Dept. and a security staff will be on hand.

  • Opening and closing - The presentation of the American Flag and the national anthem begins at 10 am. This officially opens the event on Saturday. Gates will open starting at 9am Saturday and Sunday. The course and trails open at 9am. Event closes at 6pm on Saturday and closes at 5pm on Sunday. No one is allowed on the Jeep Jam property before 9am.

  • Alcohol - There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages on the during the Jeep Jam (driving) event. There will be a beer garden during the cruise-in on Friday. There will be no alcoholic beverages brought in to Jeep Jam in coolers during Jeep Jam. There will be no tolerance for illegal drugs of any kind during Jeep Jam.

  • Tread lightly - Each Jeeper must stay on designated trails and follow all signs and warnings.  Purposely going off-trail and/or destroying property is grounds for removal and possible prosecution. 

  • Tire wash - Tire wash will be available to all Jeepers who participate in the event. Tires must be washed off and all heavy mud removed from them before leaving the event and entering the main roads. We do not want to create a road hazzard for others. THIS RULE MUST BE FOLLOWED. 

  • Trailer and trail only Jeeps - Jeepers who plan on attending Jeep Jam by hauling your Jeep on a trailer please follow these guidelines... There will be trailer parking for participants, staff and vendors. Trucks and trailers may park in the designated area ONLY.  All trails are on-site so no need to worry about those vehicles not able to drive on roads.

  • Jeeps only - Jeep Jam is a celebration of Jeep and its great American history. Therefore, the only PARTICIPATING vehicles allowed are Jeep 4x4's only. All makes and models of Jeeps 4x4's are welcome to attend and participate. This rule does not apply to non-participating vehicles and for spectators. 

  • Spectators - For your safety, all spectators must stay in the fenced in area and no one is to be in the wooded trails except via Jeep on the guided tours.

  • Volunteers / committee members - Jeep Jam volunteers will be wearing bright event shirts (different than those being sold). If you have any questions or concerns about the event please see any member of the Jeep Jam staff.

  • Liability waiver - A liability waiver must be signed by everyone participating with a Jeep. No exceptions! Any spectator who would like to make a donation to Muddy Buddys and receive a ride around the obstacle course must sign the waiver. Spectators who attend the event only do not need to sign the waiver.

  • Code Of Conduct - There will be no fighting or unruley behavior tolerated at Jeep Jam. Enforced by the Jeep Jam staff and the Clinton County Sheriffs  department.

  • Equipment Needed To Take Part In Off Roading - Trails / Obstacle course rules
    - Jeep must be 4x4.
    - Must have working seat belts for all riders.
    - Jeep must have tow points .
    - No alcohol and no glass bottles of any kind.
    - When in the woods keep stereos at a low volume.
    - Mud tires are recommended and may be required on certain trail rides.  
    - Stay on marked course and trails only.
    - Follow guidance from staff members.
    - Do not leave trash on the trails.
    - No recovery straps with metal hooks.
    - Must be a legal driver.

  • Ride At Your Own Risk - Muddy Buddys Jeep Wrangler Club is not responsable for any damage done to your Jeep during off roading. The risks involved in taking your Jeep off road are very well known.

  • Vendor Set Up Time - All vendors must be set up and ready for the gate to open by 9am Saturday and Sunday. All vendor vehicles that are not Jeeps must be in the designated vendor parking area unless otherwise approved by staff.

  • Distribution of flyers and promotions of other events and organizations - Any and all flyers promoting an event, club or organization must be approved by Jeep Jam committee staff before distributing.  

  • Jeep Label Items - As for vendors, Wilmington Auto Center Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram reserves the exclusive right to promote and sell all "Jeep" label items. This includes shirts, hats etc. 

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